What's included?
** Free beer!
**Custom finisher medal
**Event theme towel (Yeah, you'll need it)
**Individual Assault bib
**Live music
**Special prizes for division winners
**Memories to last a lifetime!

What should I bring?
Photo ID will be required at packet pick up. If you are picking up someone else's packet, you will need to bring their ID as well (originals only, no photo copies).

A change of clothes is a good idea!

Friends and family to cheer you on!

What should I wear?
Something comfortable that you don't mind getting dirty, including a sturdy pair of running shoes. If you're a runner, consider using those older running shoes that you keep around for 'spares'.

We want you to express yourself, so wear a costume if you like. Loin cloths are cool, but just make sure that nothing inappropriate shows. Please be mindful of the extreme obstacles to be overcome and ensure that there will be no 'wardrobe malfunctions' .

I have a few friends that want to do this with me, can we race as a team?
While there are no team divisions, assaulting the course with friends is definitely a good time, and really that's what it's all about.

Is Aztec Assault safe?
We do our best to make the course and it's obstacles safe, but there is always a certain amount of risk involved with any event of this type. We will have EMT's on site to deal with any injuries or other emergencies. You participate in Aztec Assault at your own risk.

What if it rains?
Excellent, another obstacle!

What do I do about all that mud after the race?
We will have an area right after the finish line where you can rinse off. Just beyond that is where you will receive your event towel.

This event rocks! Do you have more?
Keep an eye out for an expanded schedule and other events on our main web site www.ultimateobstacle.com

How do you know who wins if we start at different times?
That's what chip timing is all about. Every participant will be given a micro-chip  that automatically records your time when you pass through the start line and cross the finish line. Each transponder is unique for each participant, and your time will be posted soon after the race and on-line the day after the event. Technology at it's finest!

I'm kind of a 'couch potato', can I do this?
Yeppers, just pace yourself and if you need a break, we've got a pit stop set up in the middle of the course. Mental toughness can help you along for sure, so work on developing an 'attitude'.

Can children compete?
Aztec Assault is only open to ages 14 and up. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will be required to sign a release waiver at packet pick-up.

I can't compete, but would love to be a part of the event? Can I volunteer?
Yes you can! As a volunteer, you will receive special Aztec Assault gear and other benefits for helping out. Please email us at: volunteer@ultimateobstacle.com

What if I can't complete an obstacle?
If you're unable to complete an obstacle, you may bypass the obstacle, but you will be disqualified from all prizes.

How many different winners are there?
There are many different age group divisions and overall winners in male / female category. Check out the 'Info' page for details.

Can I get a refund?
Sorry, no refunds under any circumstances. Participants may transfer their registration to another person at packet pick-up or prior to the event if necessary, but must contact us via email at: aztecassault@ultimateobstacle.com , a minimum of one week prior to the event.

Do you accept mail in entries?
Sorry...online entries only.

How do I find the answer to a question not covered above?
Email us at: aztecassault@ultimateobstacle.com . We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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